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32 Each can be prepared from I -propanol (circled) as shown in this flow chart. 34 Nitroglycerin was discovered in 1 847, and is a pale yellow, oily liquid. 3 6 One of the products the body derives from metabolism of nitroglycerin is nitric oxide, which causes the coronary artery to dilate, thus relieving angina. 38 Disulfiram inhibits the body's normal metabolism of acetaldehyde, which accumulates with all sorts of unpleasant side effects. 40 Dichromate ion is reddish-orange, chromium(III) ion is green.

Its molecular weight is approximately 5 . 5 times that of water. Although considerably smaller, water molecules are associated in the liquid by relatively strong forces of hydrogen bonding while the much larger heptane molecules are associated only by relatively weak London dispersion forces. 32 Alkanes are insoluble in water. 34 Boiling points of unbranched alkanes are related to their size; the greater their size the greater their boiling point. The relative increase in size per CH2 group is greatest between CH4 and CH3 CH 3 , and becomes progressively smaller as the molecular weight of the alkane increases.

For 4-heptanone, the hydrophobic character of the two propyl groups outweighs the hydrophilic character of its carbonyl group, and 4heptanone is insoluble in water. 20 Acetaldehyde fonns hydrogen bonds with water primarily through its carbonyl oxygen. o- H H \ ," 0+0= 05 / H 3C , I J�+ ,. 22 A hemiacetal contains a carbon atom bonded to one -OH group and one -OR group, where R may be an alkyl or aryl group. An acetal contains a carbon atom bonded to two -OR groups, where R may be alkyl or aryl.

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