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They were prepared to 40 form their own government and laws. The Puritans brought with them an intense desire for religious freedom. Yet, most of the colonies did not practice it themselves. The idea of tolerating other systems of belief was radical. Of all New England’s founders, only Roger Williams, Lord Baltimore, and William Penn publicly called for religious tolerance. Later in the 18th century, there were so many different churches that tolerance began to be more accepted. The New World was a place where many different cultures competed and clashed with one another.

First to explore the Mississippi to its mouth, he claimed the land for Louis XIV of France (1682). Penn, William (1644-1718) - Founder of Pennsylvania, became a Quaker in 1666 and was imprisoned several times for his religious views. Designer of the city of Philadelphia. 43 Timeline 1497 John Cabot sails along the eastern shores of Canada, giving England a claim to North America. 1513 Spanish explorer Juan Ponce de León sights the North American continent and calls it La Florida. 1524 France sends Giovanni da Verrazano to explore the coastline of present-day Canada, establishing a French claim to North America.

By 1642, parents were required to teach their children to read and write. By 1647 every settlement with more than 50 families had to appoint a schoolmaster, who taught Latin and Greek grammar and literature as well as arithmetic. Four of these early schools, Boston Latin, Cambridge Latin, Roxbury Latin, and Hopkins Grammar School of New Haven, still exist today as high schools. 41 Biographies Many people played important roles throughout this time period. Learn more about them in the Biographies section.

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