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By P. C. Eklof, A. H. Mekler

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I. ALGEBRAIC PRELIMINARIES 1. Homomorphisms and extensions. 2. Direct sums and items. three. Linear topologies. II. SET thought 1. usual set concept. 2. Filters and massive cardinals. three. Ultraproducts. four. golf equipment and desk bound units. five. video games and bushes. 6. u-systems and walls. III. slim MODULES 1.Introduction to slenderness. 2.Examples of narrow modules and earrings. 3.The Los-Eda theorem. IV. virtually unfastened MODULES zero. creation to 1free abelian teams. 1. -free modules. 2. 1-free abelian teams. three. Compactness effects. V. natural INJECTIVE MODULES 1. constitution concept. 2. Cotorsion teams. VI. extra SET idea 1. Prediction rules. 2. versions of set thought. three. L, the constructible universe. four. MA and PFA. five. PCF idea and that i[ ]. VII. virtually loose MODULES REVISISTED (IV, VI) zero. 1-free abelian teams revisited. 1. -free modules revisited. 2. -free abelian teams. three. Transversals, -systems and NPT. 3A. Reshuffling -systems. four. Hereditarily separable teams. five. NPT and the development of virtually loose teams. VIII. 1-SEPARABLE teams (VI, VII.0,1) 1. buildings and definitions. 2. 1-separable teams less than Martin's axiom. three. 1-separable teams less than PFA. IX. QUOTIENTS of goods OF Z (III, IV, V) 1. Perps and items. 2. Countable items of the integers. three. Uncountable items of the integers. four. Radicals and big cardinals. X. ITERATED SUMS AND items (III) 1. The Reid classification. 2. kinds within the Reid classification. XI. TOPOLOGICAL equipment (X, IV) 1. Inverse and direct limits. 2. Completions. three. Density and twin bases. four. teams of constant capabilities. five. Sheaves of abelian teams. XII. AN research OF EXT (VII, VIII.1) 1. Ext and Diamond. 2. Ext, MA and correct forcing. three. Baer modules. four. The constitution of Ext. five. The constitution of Ext whilst Hom=0. XIII. UNIFORMIZATION (XII) zero. Whitehead teams and uniformization. 1. the fundamental building and its functions. 2. the need of uniformization. three. the variety of Whitehead teams. four. Monochromatic uniformization and hereditarily separable teams. XIV. THE BLACK field AND ENDOMORPHISM RINGS(V, VI) 1. Introducing the Black field. 2. facts of the Black field. three. Endomorphism earrings of cotorsion-free teams. four. Endomorphism earrings of separable teams. five. vulnerable realizability of endomorphism jewelry and the Kaplansky try out difficulties. XV. a few buildings IN ZFC (VII, VIII, XIV) 1. A inflexible 1-free team of cardinality 1. 2. n-separable teams with the nook pathology. three. totally indecomposable modules. four. The life of -separable teams. XVI. COTORSION THEORIES, COVERS AND SPLITTERS(IX, XII.1, XIV) 1. Orthogonal sessions and splitters. 2. Cotorsion theories. three. nearly unfastened splitters. four. The Black field and Ext. XVII. twin teams (IX, XI, XIV) 1. Invariants of twin teams. 2. Tree teams. three. standards for being a twin crew. four. a few non-reflexive teams. five. twin teams in L

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C. (=Berliner Beiträge zum Vorderen Orient 11). Berlin, 1992 Other Abbreviations c cm col(s). dia. DN E ed(s ). ex(s). fig(s). frgm(s). GN h. kg m max. N n NA n(n). NB no (s ). NS o bv. p ph p(p). pl(s). PN rev. RN S var(s ). vol(s). W + (+) collated centimeter(s) column(s) diameter divine name eas t editor(s) exemplar(s) figure(s) fragment(s) geographical name height kilogram(s) meter(s) maximum north not collated Neo-Assyrian note(s) Neo-Babylonian number(s) New Series obverse collated from photo pho to (s ) page(s) pl ate(s ) personal name reverse royal name s o uth variant(s) volume(s) west Between object numbers indicates physical join Indicates fragments from same object but no physical join Object Signatures When the same signature is used for more than one group, the first group in this list is meant unless otherwise indicated.

Novotny, Eḫulḫul, Egipar, Emelamana, and Sîn’s Akītu-House: A Study of Assyrian Building Activities at Ḫarrān. PhD dissertation, University of Toronto, 2003 Oriental Institute Communications. Chicago, 1922– Orientalistische Literaturzeitung. -U. Onasch, Die assyrischen Eroberungen Ägyptens, 2 vols. (=Ägypten und Altes Testament 27). Wiesbaden, 1994 J. Oppert, Expédition scientifique en Mésopotamie exécutée par ordre du gouvernement de 1851 à 1854 par Mm. Fulgence Fresnel, et al. Tome 1: Relation du voyage et résultats de l’expédition.

Radner in PNA 1/1 pp. 145–152 sub Aššur-aḫu-iddina 7. Introduction 5 Dating and Chronology Texts edited in this volume occasionally mention contemporary dates and the charts in this section are intended to aid the reader in understanding those dates. The Mesopotamian month names and their modern equivalents are: I II III IV V VI VI2 Nisannu Ayyāru Simānu Duʾūzu Abu Ulūlu Intercalary Ulūlu March–April April–May May–June June–July July–August August–September VII VIII IX X XI XII XII2 Tašrītu Araḫsamna Kislīmu Ṭebētu, Kinūnu Šabāṭu Addaru Intercalary Addaru September–October October–November November–December December–January January–February February–March Unless it is stated otherwise, the dates given in this volume (excluding those in bibliographical citations) are all BC.

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