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By Peter W. O’Hearn, Robert D. Tennent

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To build a compiler for a latest higher-level programming languagel one must constitution the interpretation to a machine-like intermediate language in a manner that displays the semantics of the language. little is expounded approximately such struc­ turing in compiler texts which are meant to hide a wide selection of software­ ming languages. extra is related within the Iiterature on semantics-directed compiler building [1] yet the following too the perspective is especially normal (though restricted to one languages with a finite variety of syntactic types). at the different handl there's a enormous physique of labor utilizing the continuation-passing transformation to constitution compilers for the explicit case of call-by-value languages equivalent to SCHEME and ML [21 3]. ln this paperl we'll describe a mode of structuring the interpretation of ALGOL-like languages that's according to the functor-category semantics devel­ oped via Reynolds [4] and Oles [51 6]. an alternate procedure utilizing classification concept to constitution compilers is the early paintings of F. L. Morris [7]1 which anticipates our remedy of boolean expressionsl yet doesn't care for tactics. 2 varieties and Syntax An ALGOL-like language is a typed lambda calculus with an strange repertoire of primitive forms. all through so much of this paper we imagine that the primi­ tive kinds are comm(and) int(eger)exp(ression) int(eger)acc(eptor) int(eger)var(iable) I and that the set eight of varieties is the least set containing those primitive forms and closed lower than the binary operation -.

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70-93. 38 Chapter 12. , G. L. RABBIT: A Compiler for SCHEME (A Study in Compiler Optimization). Report no. AI-TR-474, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, May 1978, iii+272 pp. [3) Wand, M. Deriving target code as a representation of continuation semantics. ACM Transactions on Programming Languages and Systems, vol. 4 (1982), pp. 496-517. [4] Reynolds, J. C. The essence of ALGOL In Algorithmic Languages, Proceedings of the International Symposium on Algorithmic Languages, Amsterdam, October 26-29, edited by J.

For any value v that P might have, let Xv be the subset of X for which the value of P is v; then C # P if and only if, for all v, any terminating execution of C in X whose initial state is in Xv, is also a terminating execution of CinXv. Consider now the proposed axiom of Strong Constancy (Reynolds, 1982), C#R&({R}~{P}C{Q}) ~ {RandP}C{RandQ} where C is a command, R, P and Q are assertions, and the static-assertion specification {R} is equivalent to {true} skip {R}. Intuitively, if R holds before executing C and C does not interfere with R, then, while reasoning about C, Robert D.

To execute the call, when there are one or more arguments, one switches context to a frame Iist that is formed by adding a new frame (allocated on top of the current stack) to the global frame Iist, and then sends control to the subroutine. The context switch causes the register SR to increase by an amount ö that is the current frame displacement at the time of the call. srr The new frame contains two words: the lower word points to the global frame Iist, while the upper word points to a call block, which in turn contains the argument Iist and the quantity ö.

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