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EXE program to insert a LIF or DOS disk. Caution Do not eject disk while formatting. 3-17 File System Conversion (LIF/DOS) LIF INIT Example Format a disk in an external drive: LIF INIT 702:MIKE /F Format a single-sided disk on an HP 9122D: LIF INIT 702:HALL /F /O:4 /I:2 Discussion The [name] specified (in this case ‘’HALL’’) is the new LIF directory’s volume name and is automatically translated to contain a valid LIF volume name as follows: • • • • • Shifts lower to upper case. ’’, and digits (0-9).

G. g. b:) destination LIF disk. The destination disk must be writeable and already formatted. The destination disk must be large enough to contain the contents of the source disk. A warning will be displayed if the destination is too small for full disk copy. Length Specify whether the entire source disk (Full disk) will be copied or only the area of the disk containing up to the last LIF file. Full disk should be specified if the LIF directory has been damaged. Errors Specify whether a read/write error will cause the backup to Stop or whether the error is Ignored (the sector is cleared on the destination disk).

Double check the drive specifier you are using. A common mistake when using the HP 9122 disk drive is incorrectly specifying the disk unit (unit 0 is left drive, unit 1 is right drive). Disk is not SS/80 Older HP-IB disk drives (Amigo Command Set) can not be used with the LIF program. These disks include the HP 9121, HP 9133 (V, X, or XV), HP 82901, or HP 9895. Try using a newer disk drive such as HP 9122, HP 9133 (D, H, or L), or HP 9127A. Disk is write protected The target disk for a LIF CP, LIF RM, or LIF INIT is write protected.

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