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A. 25 W (4) 50 Ω BNC 75 Ω BNC BNC Tee (3) N(m)-to-BNC(f) N(f)-to-BNC(f) BNC(f)-to-Dual Bannana Plug(m) BNC(f)-to-BNC(f) N(m)-to-BNC(m) 50 Ω N(m)-to-BNC(m) 75 Ω (2) SMA(m)-to-BNC(f) TTE#J87-5M-50-613B†† HP 11048C HP/Agilent 0757-0465 HP/Agilent 8120-1840 HP/Agilent 8120-0688 HP/Agilent 1250-0781 HP/Agilent 1250-0780 HP/Agilent 1250-1536 HP/Agilent 1251-2277 HP/Agilent 1250-0080 HP/Agilent 1250-1473 HP/Agilent 1250-1533 HP/Agilent 1250-1462 † Program controlled test equipment via HP/Agilent 11713A Attenuator/Switch Driver (drives two attenuators).

ITM_89410A is the test manager program. OP_VERIFY is the operation verification procedure file and PERFORMAN is the performance test procedure file. The procedure files contain an ordered list of tests, and each test contains one or more measurements. Since ITM_89410A reads the procedure files, the disk must remain in the disk drive during testing. The channel 2 BNC connector is installed in both 1 and 2 channel analyzers. To determine if the optional second channel (option AY7) is installed, press [ System Utility ] [ option setup ].

The program can be run in manual mode. Test Duration The operation verification tests require approximately two hours to complete in semiautomated mode. The performance tests require approximately three hours to complete in semiautomated mode. Calibration Cycle To verify the Agilent 89410A DC-10 MHz Vector Signal Analyzer is meeting its published specifications, do the performance tests every 12 months. Recommended Test Equipment The following table lists the recommended equipment needed to test the performance of the Agilent 89410A Vector Signal Analyzer.

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