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By Raymond J. Healy, Francis McComas

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We’ve been hopping junk at every pumpkin doin’s up and down the Mississippi valley ‌—‌ sleeping in tourist camps, and eating at grease burners. Half the time the sheriff has an attachment on the ship, the other half the Society for the Prevention of Something or Other gets an injunction to keep us on the ground. ” “Well… Yes. I couldn’t get back on the Earth-Moon run, but if I was in Luna City, I could get a job hopping ore for the Company ‌—‌ they’re always short of rocket pilots for that, and they wouldn’t mind my record.

An unconscious force made those trimly uniformed men walk in step between the great, arching trees. ” From the forward lock, Toth Mour replied, “Aye, commander. Twenty-two men. ” Shor Nun shook his head slightly. “That we may look as we wish. The city is deserted. I cannot understand them. ” “The men you mentioned are coming. Each head of department, save Ron Thule. ” “I will come, Shor Nun,” called out the astronomer, softly. ” “Well enough, as you like. Toth Mour, call the men into formation; we will start at once.

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