New PDF release: Advances in Heterocyclic Chemistry, Vol. 33

By A. R. Katritzky

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(from preface)The current quantity involves 5 chapters, 3 of that are on matters formerly coated in those advances.The photochemistry o( oxygen- and sulfur-containing heterocycles is complementary to the evaluation at the photochemistry oi' nitrogen heterocycles that seemed in quantity 30: jointly those chapters replace an prior evaluation of the photochemistry of heterocycles (all by means of S. T. Reid). which seemed in 1970 in quantity II. Paudler and Sheets have up-to-date their evaluate of the final chemistry o( naphthyridines, which additionally seemed in quantity II. furthermore, van der Plas. Wo/niak. and van den Haak have in particular thought of the reactions of naphthyridines with nitrogen nueleophiles. principally from their very own wide investigations during this area.Hermecv and Mes/aros have surveyed the chemistry of pyrido| l.2-

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Y , Fukazawa. M . Aoyagi. and S. trrrhrtlror7 Lc/r.. 1055 (1979). 246 See, f o r example, 0 . K a m p and V. Boekelheidc. J . 43. 3470 (1978): A . Iwama, T . Toyoda. M . Yoshida, T. Otsubo, Y . Sakata. and S. Misumi. Bull. C / i e n ~SOC. Jpn. 51, 2988 (1978); H. Machida, H . Tatrmitsu. T. Otsubo. Y. Sakata, a n d S. Misumi. h i d . 53,2943 244 L45 ( 1980). 24' G. A. Berchtold and R . E. K o h r m a n , J . O r g . C/wni. 36. 3971 (1971). 54 [Sec. A S. T. REID 111. Photoaddition A. PHOTOCYCLOADDITION TO HETEROCYCLES Intermolecular and intramolecular photocycloadditions to heterocyclic systems, including the photodimerization of individual heterocycles, are considered in this section.

J p ! 52, 3601 (1979). "(' T. S;ito, K. N:igumo. K . Saito. T. Ohyama. and R . Nakane, C h m . Lrrt.. 1203 (1979). "' J . Nasielski and G . Jacqmin. 7cJrrrrliedrorr 28, S97 (1972). 17* r 38 [Sec. B S. T. REID (219) is similarly transformed into the transient monothio-o-benzoquinone (220) and carbon monoxide'78; at 77 K, this transient is reversibly photoisomerized to benzoxathiet 221. '" (222) (223) (224) Decomposition of a different type is observed on irradiation of the 3thiazoline-2-thione (225) resulting in loss of sulfur and the formation of the vinyl isothiocyanate (226)18 ; further irradiation yields the isoquinoline-lthione (227).

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