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I t is no t difficul t to think of si tua tions in which a reliable and easy- to-use formal represen ta tion could be beneficial. For ins tance, since Planning largely de termines the research design and thus the da ta analysis and the in terpre ta tion of the resul ts , an unambiguous represen ta tion of the research plan could help to avoid design flaws. As an example, think of Compu ter Assis te d In terviewing (CAl). Assume we were able to represen t the order in which the ques tions have to be pu t to the in terviewee as a decision tree.

Francis Galton ( 1822-1911) has to be remembered for several outstand­ ing contributions to the methodology of the life sciences. In the first place he observed that eminent mental ability frequently goes by descent and seems to run in certain families. By studying family­ histories he found that the proportion of highly talented relatives exceeded the proportion to be expected by chance. Being a cousin of Charles Darwin and probably strongly influenced by his cousin's ' Origin of Species', Galton became a strong believer in the heredity of intelligence, talent and character.

For convenience, assume that So can be specified as a description (otherwise, we have only to look for a description of which So is a member) . The idea of the following definition is that when So is one of the descriptions of a domain M , then its context is the complement relative to M . 4 (Context) The context Gsa of a description So in domain M is the union of the other descriptions S in M : GSa = U SEM\So S (3. 1) Thus, descriptions constitute each others context. Since Gsa consists in a union of descriptions, we may consider the unions of the object lists and arrow lists, too.

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Action Philosophers! 08 - Senseless Violence Spectacular - February 2007 by Evil Twin Comics

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