New PDF release: A thousand years of official Bohemian coinage 929-1929

By DR. Viktor Katz

Небольшое эссе на английском, в котором делается краткий обзор тысячелетней истории чеканки монеты в Богемии и Моравии (Чехия). Очень толково написано, в конце - три фототаблицы с монетами и значки минцмейстеров и монетных дворов.

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Background  relies on the assumption that the linking of a quantifier with its variable must “happen when” the quantifier moves, or re-merges, into its c-commanding position. The approach to quantification that I take in Chapter 5, like that of Kobele (2006), avoids this problem by separating the “binder” component of a quantifier’s meaning from the “bindee” component as soon as the bindee is merged. The reduced MG representations naturally allow us to store the quantificational binder in the set component of the expression, in a manner very reminiscent of “Cooper storage” (Cooper 1983); in fact, the reduced MG representations can be roughly construed as applying a Cooper storage approach to movement, where the things stored are not quantifiers, but strings.

1 I briefly review neo-Davidsonian logical forms and the motivation for them. 3 I introduce the distinctive “Conjunctivist” proposal (Pietroski 2005, 2006) concerning how these logical forms are composed out of the lexical items of a sentence and the syntactic relationships among them. 4. 4. To be clear, the Conjunctivist proposal about modes of composition presupposes (some form of) neo-Davidsonian logical forms, but the reverse is not true. 3 about how these logical forms are composed out of the meanings of sentences’ parts.

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