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Te-U II""",, or t The:\" 1re t ' C 'lUII'lI n of (1 e S '{,ferne Unf ntl In tilt Ur"n 'I"ds G"d,~ d"~ctll cd h(Jth '1'" lr'\n~cenllcnt ,nd unm,rent 1\11 the c:xrre: ~1'1r, In o"1~1fI:l1 occur In Ih,. h::uh 1 t C C1lrlc'Ctl\e 'KOrld, :1cconhfl;" to tl .. ,,'! nLft"'i('> h m"('ll In (/1('1 obfeChH \todd lthn,{e (1 .. re divine ~r lordl} pemen "lcqUlred l"j men by tile flnc ..

1ansa (meat) Maithuna (co-habitation) and Mudra (physical postures). c1e which is technically called cltakra. t preceptor, the true meaning of tl115 fautnk praC:ll<:t: [he Unporl311Ce of these Tantuk prachce5 has alnays been (uglily "poken of It IS Sdld - o goddess, even the gods cannot :lequire Pallc/la it/akar. 'Yuh these five, name1y, \\InE", meat, fisl~ woman and Mudra or postures one should worship the goddess However abhorrent these ntes may appear on the face of them there IS no doubt that there a great esoteric me'lnlllg behllld them All these, "lne, meat, fish and "omen are ob ..

The pnnclpal subdIVLslOns arc Bhalctas, Bhag-v,ta,>, Valshnav3s, Clrlkrmas, Valkhanasas and KarmahlOas. But al1 the'le sects arc not extant now. The mo<;t Important sect that now flotlr1shes CJI)<;tllutc5 the followers of RamanuFI.. {8} Sauras are the worshippers of the <;un as the creator and cause of the world. a few SauTas, clneOy Brahmanas, SllU eXist as a sect but the diviSIOns enumerated by Anaml Glri are not l~no\Vn. ; a distinct sect. all the Hindus, In fact. worship tIllS deity as the obvlator of dlfficullJes and Impediments nnd never commence any \\ork 01:' set orr on a Journey Without invoklOg l'Us protection.

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