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This selection of essays arises from the full of life discussions within the Formation of the booklet of Isaiah Seminar of the Society of Biblical Literature. The essays express the variety that has regularly been found in the Seminar. every one contributor has a distinct viewpoint and hence extends the frontiers of study at the booklet of Isaiah.

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Journal of Structural Geology, 19, 29-40. - - & TEYSSmR,C. 1992. Crustal-scale, en echelon 'Pshear' tensional bridges: a possible solution to the batholithic room problem. Geology, 20, 927-930. - - - - 33 & -1994. Strain modeling of displacementfield partitioning in transpressional orogens. Journal of Structural Geology, 16, 1575-1588. TRUESDELL, C. 1953. Two measures of vorticity. - - Journal of Rational Mechanical Analysis, 2, 173-217. VAUCHZZ,A. & NICOLAS,A. 1991. Mountain building: strike-parallel displacements and mantle anisotropy.

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The example shown models heterogeneous, steady-state type B transpression with maximum strain in the central part of the zone. strain zone. In the first case, the kinematic vorticity number and boundary conditions may be constant. The deformation zone can be modelled by using multiple deforming elements instead of just one (Fig. 9), and Table 1 is still applicable. However, the shape and the orientation of the finite strain ellipsoid generally change during deformation, even if W k and the angle of convergence do not.

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