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By Trask, Robert Lawrence

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2. 11. A segment so articulated. 3. 11. or adj. [rare] (of a segment) Articulated in a position which is further back than alveolar but further forward than palato-alveolar. 4. n. or adj. [obsolete] A former synonym for palato-alveolar. NOTE: TI1C last two senses alveolo-palatal should be avoided. lrelvi~u'prel~t~ll n. or adj. 1. [rare] A cover term including both palato-alveolar and alveolo-palatal. 2. See palatoalveolar. NOTE: This second usc, while not rare. is ohjectionahle. alveopalatal /'rembldlpend~nsi/n.

Articulator /0: 'tIkjulelt~/ n. Any specific part of the vocal tract which may be involved in the articulation of a segment, particularly a consonant. See active articulator, passive articulator. /'mDd~l/ n. A model of the representation of speech sounds which posits a close relation between phonetics and Articulator Model 33 articulatory perturbation phonology, in that it represents the actions of each individual articulator - each movable part of the speech organs - by suitable distinctive features.

Appeal j;}'pi:1/ 11. 1. One of the three planes posited for phonology~ with the function of treating such "expressive' phenomena as exaggerated lengthening and exaggerated pitch differences. Cf. appendix 30 expression, representation. 2. In the study of intonation, a label occasionally applied to certain highly marked patterns with some kind of ~expressive' function. /~'pendIks/ n. (pI. appendices /~'pendlsi:z/) In some analyses of (especially English) syllable structure, a consonantal segment which appears in syllable-final position following another consonant, such as the final consonants in mind, begged, looked, heds, fox, width, strange and drinks.

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