Norman W. Schur's 1000 Most Important Words PDF

By Norman W. Schur

ISBN-10: 0345298632

ISBN-13: 9780345298638

According to the competition that we don't utillize speech to its fullest quantity, this consultant is a necessary aide to unlocking our "passive" vocabularies and constructing a keener appreciation of the richness of language.

Indispensable For Writers, audio system, Teachers!
-- enhance your vocabulary
-- exhibit your self truly -- and beautifully
-- enjoyable and simple to exploit!

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What is cogent is convincing. The word is usually associated with reason or argument. Judges decide cases in favor of lawyers who present cogent arguments. People act when they think there are cogent reasons for doing so. It is difficult to find a cogent analysis of today’s confusing economic trends. From cogens, a form of Latin cogere (to compel). cognizant (cog' na zant) n. To be cognizant of something is to be aware of it. It sometimes takes people too long to become cognizant of the perilousness of their situation.

From Greek kakophonia (bad sound). cadaverous (ka dav' a ras) adj. Anyone cadaverous looks haggard and ghastly. The word implies pallor, gauntness, and emaciation. People on hunger strikes look cadaverous. Despite their apparent cardiovascular fitness, marathoners toward the end of a race often have a cadaverous appearance. From Latin cadaverosus, the adjective based on cadaver, which we have taken over intact from the Latin as a synonym for corpse, which in turn comes from the Latin corpus (body).

The capricious person is impul­ sive and tends to be erratic. g. caprice (ka preece'), meaning “unpredictable switch” or "whim,” which reflect the leaping and skipping (capering) of goats. Don’t rely on capri­ cious, whimsical people. A whole nation, or even the whole world, can be made uneasy by a capricious head of state. Even on a sunny day, capricious winds are a threat to sailing. captious (kap' shas) adj. Captious people are faultfinding and nit-picking. Captious critics often overlook the promise shown by young authors.

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